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Dustin and Mrinda La Ferney
Dustin and Mrinda La Ferney

My name is Dustin La Ferney.  I live in Jonesboro Arkansas with my lovely wife of 19 years, Mrinda and our five kids Isaac, Anna, Elijah, Adrienne, and Audrey.

LaFerney family
My Family

I started this blog after a round of layoffs at my employer of 15 years that I barely survived.  After feeling secure for so many years, and faced with the reality that I may have to search for a job at this point in my career was somewhat unnerving.

My resume speaks of a BS degree from a state university,  numerous professional licenses and certifications, some graduate work, etc.  That’s great and all, but I have learned so much more by constantly working on new ideas and exploring new technologies.

Instead of explaining to  someone what I have as far as education / experience, or how many languages I can program in fluently,  I wanted to tell a much deeper story that demonstrates my curiosity, inventiveness, broad technical knowledge, creativity, industriousness, and individuality.   I have a certain measure of creativity in regards to technology to apply what I know to solve problems and come up with novel ways of improving processes by automation, hardware / software solutions, and data acquisition + analysis.  I have always been a self-directed technical professional; capable of understanding complex IT / telecommunication systems, and delivering maximum uptime of business critical IT infrastructure.  I am not so sure one can convey that on a resume and cover letter.

All that being said,  this blog also serves as somewhat of a technical diary and  knowledge base for myself.  I am always working on a project or experimenting with something new.  This site will help me remember what I was working on at a given time,  and occasionally, will be about something personal or non-technical.