Toccata in E minor BWV 914

my performance of Toccata in E minor BWV 914

The Baroque toccata is one of my favorite musical forms in the way it brings out what the instrument and the performer are capable of. BWV 914 is a masculine, muscular early work of Bach’s that gives me the same healthy release of anger that an old Metallica song does. It has that youthful vigor and creativity of an emerging artist that has not yet refined his style. It definitely bears resemblance to Buxtehude’s organ toccatas, in that it contains so many movements and musical ideas in one piece. Later on, Bach settled on the two movement prelude/fuge, or the toccata/fuge.

My performance here is riddled with mistakes and timing issues. I suffer from stage fright, even when I am alone playing in front of a camera. Playing Bach makes me even more nervous. Oh well, I’m just an amateur with limited time to practice.

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