dht22 indoor use only

In my empirical observations experimenting with a dht22 temperature / humidity sensor,  I have come to the conclusion that they are most definitely for INDOOR USE ONLY!  Any time I placed one outside, they quickly max out at 99.9% humidity,  and don’t recover until I dry them out, and place them indoors.  I have ordered a HTU21D-F sensor to replace the dht22 in my rf propagation / humidity experiment.

The dht22 does work pretty well indoors.  I took over 14K samples over a 30 hr period and got clean results.

dht22 sensor temperature and humidity graph
dht22 sensor temperature and humidity graph

The temperature is in red and the humidity in green.  For most of my data logging projects using a pi, I sore the results in CSV format.  I used perl’s CSV database functions to query results and create graphs.  This is the sql query I use on the to csv tables to get the above graph:

select data.index, data.temp, temp_humidity.humidity from data outer join temp_humidity on data.index = temp_humidity.index

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