review of ‘The Reversal Switch’ by Ronald Joseph Vaden

The Reversal Switch by Ronald Joseph Vaden.  A spiritual short story
The Reversal Switch by Ronald Joseph Vaden. A spiritual short story

I just read ‘The Reversal Switch‘ by a co-worker of mine, Ronald Vaden.  I’ve worked with Ron for over a decade.  I’ve known him as a seasoned IT professional.  A Navy submarine veteran.  A professional basketball player (Navy).  A coach.  A motivational speaker.  A deacon with an awesome singing voice.  Beloved father.  Motorcycle enthusiast.  A published author?  I didn’t know that, but am not the least bit surprised.

In his words..
After watching the stars on June 26 1999, life will never be the same for this amateur astronomer.  He will encounter a stone that will have a great effect on his life as well as the life of others.  This is a journey into the past which he will take on a mysterious mission that even he can’t quite understand.  The Reversal is a journey that will take you back into time.  You will be in someone else’s shoes, a journey which you will not soon forget!

The Reversal Switch by Ronald Vaden back cover
The Reversal Switch by Ronald Vaden back cover

The time-traveling stone is a creative and entertaining plot device Mr. Vaden uses to deliver a very powerful and much needed message of humanity towards others. In each travel through time a prejudiced, oppressive person experiences what it feels like to be mistreated from the perspective of the person they are abusing. What is so different about Mr. Vaden’s message is the compassion he feels for the oppressors. He doesn’t want revenge; he just wants them to see how it feels so that they will change their ways, and to see that they are hurting themselves by their lack of empathy for a fellow human being. Hardly anyone nowadays is approaching these issues in this way. It definitely made me examine myself and areas that I need to work on. The story ends with a compelling Gospel message. This book is guaranteed to have a profound impact on anyone who reads it. I highly recommend this book for anyone, and it would be a great gift for young people, friends, church members, etc. I was lucky enough to get an autographed copy! Thank you Ron. Please keep writing!

Autographed copy of 'The Reversal Switch'
Autographed copy of ‘The Reversal Switch’

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