armbian for pine64

armbian for pine64 CLI only
armbian for pine64 CLI only

When I first got my 512MB pine64 A64 sbc,  I initially loaded a great community based version of debian with an LXDE desktop.  I was really happy with it.  Recently, I was trying to install i2c-tools and was getting errors.  I then tried to update my system, and could not connect to the repository.  Same for perl  packages using cpan.  After searching for an answer in the pin64 forums, I learned that dude that made the awesome debian img for the pine64 stopped supporting it, and there was a suggestion to migrate to an armbian distro that was cli only.  I really wanted to use my i2c bus, so I burned a not-so-fresh sd card with armbian.

armbian for pine64 initial login via UART0
armbian for pine64 initial login via UART0 on the euler bus

Initially, I was happy.  I really don’t need a desktop environment.  I quickly noticed that my ethernet interface did not work at all.  Once again, I searched the forums, and found a solution.  Using martinayotte posted a solution that worked great for me.

Not very promising that my NIC did not work out of the box, but I am going to give it a fair try.

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