family alarm clock project

Eli, Addy, and I are working on an arduino-based LED alarm clock project.  The design is totally Eli’s idea.  He wants 60 LEDs around the face of the clock for the minutes, and 12 LEDs on the top for the hour.  We gutted the audio system from one of their old gaming chairs that got tore up, and are using it for the sound.  I ordered a PCF8523 real time clock breakout board from adafruit to keep time, and are going to use a 5V 16MHz Trinket Pro for the brains. With over 72 LEDs to drive, we plan on using 10 74HC595 shift registers.  We are also going to use a 16X2 LCD display to show the time and maybe temperature.  So far, Eli has cut all the pieces out with a jig saw and he and Addy drilled all the holes for the LEDs.  Eli soldered a 220 Ohm resistor to the cathode of all the LEDs, and Addy used a glue gun to fasten them to the clock face.  I am new to arduino, so I am experimenting with using it to drive the LCD and the 74HC595’s.

Elegoo Uno driving a 16X2 LCD and 74595 shift register
family LED clock project

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