pine64 unboxing

I love tinkering with single board computers.  I was an early adopter of the CHIP  (until they tanked) and later the raspberry pi family of SBC’s.

chip single board computer
the now defunct CHIP

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the pi model 3 ($35) yet more powerful than the pi zero w.  There were several alternatives such as the orangePi, but after reading the forums, it looked like there were some serious overheating problems and poor support from the community.  I came across the pine64 and just had to get one.

I haven’t done much with it yet; just burned debian + mate desktop that a member of the community made available, but so far I am impressed.  I got the base Allwinner quad-core 64-bit ,512MB  memory model for just $15!

pine64 processor info

Somewhat larger than the pi 3, it has 10/100 ethernet, HDMI, 2x USB ports, and lots of GPIO pins.   I can’t wait to get started.

pine64 vs raspberry pi 3b
pine64 vs raspberry pi 3b


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