raspberry pi 3 B+ requires latest raspbian stretch

I just received a raspberry pi 3 B+ this week that I ordered from Newark.  I am using it to build another battery capacity test  data acquisition + analyzer.  I love the pi’s SD card copier accessory.  I used it to burn an exact copy of the image I have on a working analyzer to a fresh 8GB SD card.  This is particularly useful on this project because I have so many special packages, file systems, daemons, and configuration options set up on this pi, and wanted an exact copy.  The one I copied it from was running on a pi 3.  I put the SD card into my new pi 3 B+ and fired it up.

Raspberry pi 3 B+
Raspberry pi 3 B+

The power LED had a regular blinking pattern; three short, four long – if I remember correctly.  At first I thought I had a bad pi out of the box.  I then began to suspect the SD card.  It was the cheapest class 10 SD card I could find on Newark.  I put it into a pi 2 and it booted up just fine, so that wasn’t it.  Lo, and behold the pi 3 B+ will not run on raspbian jessie;  it must be stretch running linux kernel 4.1.

I downloaded the latest version of raspbian stretch, reformatted my SD card to a FAT file system, and used etcher to burn the image to the card.  Put it in, fired it up, and bam!  It started up just fine.  Bad thing is I will have to manually configure everything from scratch.


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