nodeMCU garage door opener

nodeMCU with a power relay used to operate a garage door via wifi

I recently bought some knock-off hiletgo nodeMCU modules. They are basically a powerful arduino with wifi. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. I think these are especially useful for home automation systems. I made a web-based garage door opener using a nodeMCU and a power relay module. To operate a garage door, you simply short a pair of wires together for two seconds and release.

Wifi is the nodeMCU’s power. Using the available libraries, it can act as a web server, send / receive tcp and udp packets, and change the states of it’s gpio pins based on wireless input. My wife hates when I deploy an experiment in the house that has a rat’s nest of wires hanging out or some unfinished prototype that resembles a road side bomb. I knew that if I wanted to leave this in place permanently, it had to look decent.

garage door opener using nodeMCU in a project enclosure

Using this set up, the whole family can have a garage door opener on their phone. Or, I could open it remotely over the internet if I wanted to let someone into the house.

My set up doesn’t merely operate the door, I have a reed switch connected to an input on the nodeMCU that reports to my home made alarm monitoring system via udp packets whether the door is open or closed.

alarm monitoring station using a pine64

My alarm monitoring station deserves it’s own post. It has a pine64 for brains and uses most of my pine64 modules that I have posted on cpan. An mcp23008 drives the LED indications, it runs an Apache web server that I can access over the internet to monitor alarm conditions, and receives udp updates from alarm modules such as the garage door opener. Locally, it displays alarm conditions on a two row MAX7219 LED display using my PINE64::MAX7219 module, also on cpan.

nodemcu garage door opener home automation
screenshot of web interface to nodeMCU based garage door opener home automation system

I use port forwarding on my ISP cable modem to control this and my other alarm modules over the internet.