DigitalOcean the best VPS

digitalOcean the best ubuntu VPS service
digitalOcean the best ubuntu VPS service

This site is hosted on a VPS that I rent from the best doggone VPS service there is, DigitialOcean.  I’ve been a long time customer, and while I have tried other services, they are the best in my opinion.

I first started using DigitalOcean back in 2013.  I was developing my biggest, most ambitious, and ultimately least profitable website  I was using Hostgator for most of my customers at the time,  but for this local real estate website,  I needed complete control over my LAMP server because HostGator would not install many of the modules that I wanted to use. failed local FSBO real estate website failed local FSBO real estate website

It got tons of use by the local community, but no one ever bought any ads.  I eventually shut it down when my VPS was hacked by spammers and was disabled by DigitalOcean.  I accept responsibility for this failure.  I know a great deal about securing a web server and writing secure code, but I was running an email server (the vector of my particular hacking attack) and knew very little about plugging security holes.

I do a lot with this VPS besides a web server like file storage, backups,  experementation, etc., and did not want to loose my work.   I recently lost an email address I had for 12 years through my ISP (moved and went with another ISP) and was locked out of my DigitalOcean account because they are very serious about security and often email access codes to log in to your account in addition to a username and password.  At the same time, my credit card on file expired, and my VPS was disabled.  I freaked out a little bit, but opened a support ticket (no phone support) and got my VPS  unlocked while I resolved my issues.

I am modestly indexed on google especially for pine64 and perl.  There seem to be so few of us developing on SBC’s using perl, so I didn’t want my server to have any significant down time.  Thanks to the great support at DigitalOcean,  I didn’t have much.  I’m a customer for life!